Fleur Ward Interior Design​​​​

​​Award Winning Interior Designer Fleur Ward is based in West London and offers a personal approach to designing your interior.

Originally from Australia,  her approach to design is 'start with the art' so draws inspiration from her client's collection or a beloved piece of fabric or wallpaper.  Her designs are full of colour and reflects the clients personality and lifestyle. Treasured items of furniture, travel momentos and photography are considerd to create an individual space or home.

​​​'I can happily work with your appointed architect or builder, or introduce my trusted team.  ​Whether you have a blank canvas or  idea's of our own, I can help implement your vision and orchestrate the entire procedure  to ensure your vision is realised' 

Interior Design is all I've ever done, even between projects I'm sourcing and submerging myself in samples! Toughest project - my house. Was full of unexpected issues but it was well worth it. I don't think you ever complete a house. I'm always adding, rearranging or painting a room - it's called maintenance. 

​​Fleur has her own Wallpaper collection called Ohh Fleur launched at Top Drawer in January and is about to participated in Grand Designs Live in May Designing a Room Set for the  'Under the Stairs' Project.