​​FWID offers interior design services ranging from ideas and concepts, space planning, 3D drawings, joinery designs,  plans & elevations, lighting specifications, fabric  and   furniture  selections, purchasing and project co-ordination. My passion is fabrics, furniture, concepts and colour.  Providing solutions, specifying unique items and creating beautiful schemes for your project is what we love to do!  ​

​​​I can happily work with your appointed architect or builder, or introduce my trusted team.  ​Whether you have a blank canvas or  idea's of our own, we can help implement your vision and orchestrate the entire procedure  to ensure your vision is realised.

​​Every project is approached individually and after a brief is taken, where we carefully listen to your wish list, a proposal is put together.
  Having clarity where budget is concerned ensures no time is wasted sourcing products that are out reach. We only ever work in the clients best interest to ensure that price, quality and service is a priority.  We love working with adventurous clients who appreciate and understand  design.